Acne How to treat it And Beat It

Acne is the medical term for spots. Whether you have 1 or 100, any doctor will class this common skin condition acne.

The reason the skin breaks out into spots is because of testosterone. Both men and women have testosterone in their bodies. However, having acne does not mean you have abnormal amounts of testosterone in your body, it just means your skin acts differently to this hormone.

You’ll be pleased to hear that you’ll not have acne for your entire life; at some point, it will correct itself. It is impossible to tell when, but in most cases, it’s in the late teens.

Testosterone is produced in the teens, around the same time body hair begins to grow. This hormone tells the glands in your skin to produce an oily substance known as sebum. Some individuals produce excess amounts of this, causing oily skin.

The inside of the tubes that hold each and every hair become gooey and somewhat blocked, causing blackheads. Add the sebum to the blocked tubes and you have big spots.

The best advice that can be given for treating spots is to go to your nearest pharmacist or doctor and get your spots treated.

To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze – that is the issue! There is much controversy about squeezing spots. You can squeeze, but you must do it carefully.

Use the following colour-coded spot guide so you know when to pop, and when to stop!

Red Spots – STOP! If you have a flare-up, red spot you should leave it well alone. If you attempt to squeeze at this point, you’ll just push the spot’s contents deep into the skin. Squeezing a red spot just makes matters worse. Don’t do it!

Yellow Spots – POP! You can squeeze this type of spot, but you must do it correctly: make sure your hands are clean, put a tissue on your finger and using the end of your finger and side of your thumb, gently begin to squeeze. Do not use your nails -this will damage the skin! Then, once you’re done, add a drop of tea-tree or Melaleuca Oil to the area where you have squeezed. This will help the healing process immensely.

Green Spots – STOP! If your spots are green, don’t touch them. Go straight to your GP and get it checked out. Don’t worry though, this type of spot is very rare.

Blackheads – POP! Go ahead and squeeze like told in, “Yellow Spots”.

Do and Don’t DO apply cream/gels/lotions/etc all over the area as it is more effective – don’t just put it only on individual spots e.g. apply over entire face/back.

DON’T try to wash away the spots. This won’t work, it will just make them more irritated.

DO change your treatment if there is no results after 2 months.

DON’T let acne ruin your life! Feel confident, hold your head high – you won’t have them forever!

DO stay calm. Spots in many cases are caused by anxiety, especially around exam time.

DON’T stop swimming. Spots cannot be transferred to others.

DO eat chocolate! It’s a myth that chocolate and fried food causes spots. However, a healthy diet affects your entire body and this can be shown through your skin.

Conclusion Remember not to let spots rule your life. It is a very common skin condition and many people will go/have gone through stages of acne.

They will not be with you forever, and by using this guide you can hopefully have them for the minimum amount of time.

Good luck!

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